Where It's All About The Art!

The Art Den wears many hats. When you love art, you can get lost in the possibilities of creating.
So we decided to design a space where many of these creations are possible.

Explore our pages and check out the different areas of creativity that we offer!

Paint Nights!

Like to have a fun night out where you can create, have a
few drinks and LOTS of laughs?

Check out what's on the schedule!

Gallery Nights

Like to see what others create?  Maybe be inspired yourself?

Come join us for a few drinks and enjoy some beautiful artwork!

Are you an artist looking to showcase your work?  We offer our Gallery Space to local artists - Free of charge!

Reach out to us through our Contact Page so we can get your work showcased!

BodyArt Tattoing

Love bodyart?  Good news!  We tattoo!

Reach out through our tattooing page to set-up a consultation.